Soil Surfactants

INTEGRATE® 80+ Features

IMPROVES soil wetting and rewetting

REDUCES irrigation requirements and costs

PROVIDES uniform penetration and lateral movement of water

IMPROVES plant rooting and nutrient uptake

EFFECTIVE in all soil types and substrates

CAN BE APPLIED to any agricultural crop

Saves Water & Optimizes Yield

INTEGRATE 80+ is a non-ionic, non-crop specific soil surfactant that ensures maximum uptake of water on hydrophobic soils by promoting uniform penetration and lateral movement of water and fertilizers through all soil types. With an 83% Active Tri Block Co Polymers the result of an INTEGRATE 80+ application - whether alone or blended with liquid fertilizers - is improved plant health and uniformity, as well as increased yield potential.

This product can be applied on all agricultural crops, including, but not limited to: trees, nuts and vines, strawberries, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucurbits, eggplant, melons and zucchini. For application, INTEGRATE 80+ can be boom sprayed or injected through drip and CP irrigation systems, as well as drench applications.

LAT irigation

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