UNICORN DF™ Features


UNIFORM dispersion in water

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against powdery mildew

MINIMIZES cross relestance to other fungicides

PROVEN premix combination

MULTIPURPOSE use - preventative or curative

Better Disease Management & Higher Yield

Unicorn DF is a scientifically tested and proven advanced micronized DF premix fungicide containing both sulfur and tebuconazole. Its active ingredients have a synergistic effect which provide better disease management than products used alone. With broad spectrum control of a variety of diseases including FIFRA 2(ee) in CA for preventative control of almond scab and rust, Unicorn DF can be used as part of a preventative or curative fungicide program.

Unicorn DF can be applied to most agricultural crops, resulting in improved growing conditions, healthier looking plants and higher yields.