DUST FREE & water dispersible

UNIFORM, SMALL particle size

INCREASED oxidation and efficacy

MORE INTENSIVE field area coverage

EPA REGISTERED miticide and fungicide

OMRI listed

User-Friendly & Dust Free

Cosavet-DF Edge is a unique, flowable, micronized sulfur that is formulated with nano and micron technology and easily dispersible in water. Dust free and user friendly, this product has a fine particle size that provides a more concentrated surface area of sulfur, resulting in more and closer fungal and mite contact, plus more exposure to air for greater vapor action.

For disease control of leaf spot, brown rot, black spot and scab, Cosavet-DF Edge can be applied to a variety of vegetables, fruits and ornamentals.

For mite control, including, but not limited to, Pertrobia mites, Red Spider mites, Two Spotted Spider mites, Russet mites, Thrips, Blister mites and Silver mites, Cosavet-DF Edge can be applied to a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Cosavet DF Edge Particles